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Advanced Area Calculator

iTopography is developed to compute the area of any surface based on the premise that a surface can be approximated as a polygon with finite number of vertices.
iTopography uses the GPS device to find the location (longitude and latitude) of the current position. Once the location of all the points is calculated, iTopography draws the surface and calculates the area and the perimeter.

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Angle and length/distance measurement tool

iPinPoint computes the angle between any three points and the distance between any two points. iPinPoint uses the GPS device or the camera to pinpoint the location of these points. iPinPoint can also compute the area and perimeter of a circle or a triangle.

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The ultimate backgammon game

The iTavli application provides three different types of backgammon like games: Portes (or Backgammon), Plakoto (or Blockgammon) and Fevga (or Narde). You may also start a tournament, where you play these three games, in this order, until one of the players achieves the winning score.
iTavli runs on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Promote your business

The iSales application provides a simple but yet powerfull interface to inform other people about a store sale. When you see something that you believe is worth telling to others, simply switch to the "Submit" tab and submit that store sale

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Sync your data between cloud services

The Rainbow application provides a simple but yet powerfull interface to transfer data from one cloud service to another. Currently, the following services are supported: Box, DropBox, Hubic, iDrive, Google Drive, MediaFire, MEGA, OneDrive, pCloud, ShareFile, and Sugar sync

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Card Games

A collection of games played with one (or two) deck(s) of cards for those who like to relax or enjoy a tough competition. Relax while you play Solitaire, Freecell or Pyramid Join a table, and compete against other players on Poker, Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Koltsina, Xeri and Twentyone

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A product of Diabetes Innovations LTD, an enterprise that offers smartphone medical software solutions for patients and health care proffesionals

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